Motability Scooters


Scooters and powered wheelchairs overview

Welcome to worry-free mobility! We offer simple, all-inclusive leasing packages designed to make getting around easier. Read on to find out about the benefits of leasing on the Motability  Scheme and search our wide range of scooters and powered wheelchairs. 

Benefits of joining the Scheme

A new scooter or powered wheelchair of your choice every three years

Help from specialist dealers

Breakdown assistance from Motability Assist

Replacement batteries and tyres

Servicing, maintenance and repairs

Insurance equivalent to fully comprehensive cover

Weatherproof storage cover for when your product is not being used

For further information:

Here's an interesting option

The ‘Firefly’ device turns any wheelchair into a power scooter :

 "The Firefly is an electric hand cycle that attaches to the front of most rigid frame wheelchairs and even some folding models of manual wheelchairs.

If the wheelchair has fixed front legs then it is compatible with the Firefly.

Firefly cannot be attached to a wheelchair with ‘ swing away ‘ legs.

Firefly is limited to a max speed of 8 mph at the factory but the limiter is easily removed to increase the speed to a max of 12.5 mph"