NEWSPACE Independent Living Units

NewSpace modular accommodation


NEWSPACE specialises in the manufacture of portable anti vandal accommodation units and storage containers throughout the UK.

Not only recognised as a leading supplier with over 30 years experience within the industry, but also renowned for offering exceptional value to all its customers first time and every time.

We are committed to offering a wide range of standard and bespoke products to new and existing customers. From a single standalone unit, to a multi linked complex, our vastly experienced personnel will guarantee to offer our clients a seamless service from initial enquiry

right through to product completion.

Operating from a large multi acre site in Lydney, Gloucestershire, we are strategically based just a short distance from several motorway junctions.

New product ranges including CONTAINAFIRE offer the client a fully certified half hour fire rated accommodation unit. Also, with the ever increasing need to be ‘Greener’, our newly designed ECO units have been developed in response to market demand for a product which can significantly reduce both running costs and carbon footprint.

Modular Buildings

NewSpace modular buildings

NEWSPACE can offer a wide range of permutations and layouts, depending on your particular project. From single storey interconnected units, to double stacked complexes. For further information, please contact NEWSPACE on 01594 843939 or 

NEWSPACE Independent living units


NEWSPACE in conjuction with the registered charity masis are excited to announce our new innovative secure modular units. Each bespoke unit can be tailored to the individuals needs providing low-cost semi-permanent modular living spaces adaptable to the individuals requirements.

These eco-friendly designs come in a range of colours ans sizes from single, double, triple to family size pods. NEWSPACE have taken the initiative of manufacturing all our pods to  conform with B Rated EPC certified energy efficiency.

Newspace sleepover pods for the Bristol Homeless

This is a short video showing our sleepover pods providing temporary accommodation for the Bristol Homeless 

Living Pod Brochure

Living Pod Brochure (pdf)



Universal Design is a growing movement in residential construction for universal access. Although consumers sometimes think it is just another way of describing “handicapped-accessible” construction or wheelchair accessibility, Universal Design is actually a much broader concept, intended to create houses that are usable by all people, whether they’re young or old, tall or short, strong or weak, able-bodied or with a disability. By incorporating features such as level – stepless – entrances, wider hallways, and larger doors, a Universal Designed home becomes easier to navigate when pushing a child in a stroller or moving furniture in or out of a room. A home that features the principles of Universal Design’s easy access will meet a family’s needs now and into the future, allowing homeowners to age in place without forcing them to make expensive renovations, move, or radically alter their lifestyle when their abilities start to slip.

Even younger adults should consider building a Universal Designed home, since it could prove very helpful to their aging parents. Building a house with universal accessibility standards – one that can be entered without having to climb steps, that allows someone in a wheelchair or with a walker to circulate easily, and that has a full bathroom on the first floor adjacent to a room that could be used as a bedroom – makes it possible for an aging parent to move in some day. Given the astronomical costs of nursing homes, this is often the only viable option for families. Such Universal Design features also allow visitors with a wide range of physical abilities to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Modular homes can readily accommodate the principles of Universal Design. You can modify most standard plans to enlarge the doorways, hallways, and bathrooms. Universal access may require you  to change the shape and size of some rooms, but this usually will not present problems if the floor plan is large enough, and it is unlikely to cost much. 

In addition to changes in the floor plan, universal home design incorporates user-friendly items like lever door handles and taps. If you want to build a home that is usable by all of your family and friends, consider including some of the following Universal Design products and options in your home.


  • Lever-handled locksets for exterior doors
  • 36-inch-wide exterior doors
  • Low exterior door thresholds
  • 36-inch-wide interior doors
  • Lever-handled interior door handles
  • Extra wide 42″ hallways
  • E-Z-Fold hinges for bifold closet doors
  • Raised electrical outlets
  • Rocker-style electrical switches
  • Top position ground plug at all outlets
  • Easy-to-reach thermostat location
  • Thermostats with large numerals and an intuitive operation
  • Task lighting for specific activities, such as cooking, reading, and shaving
  • Varying height kitchen work surfaces
  • Knee space at a kitchen countertop for a chair
  • Pull-out shelf for oven food transfer
  • D-shaped cabinet handles
  • Extra maneuvering space in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Knee space at the bathroom vanity for a chair
  • Offset tub/shower anti-scald controls
  • Curbless shower with a flexible water dam
  • Hand-held showerhead
  • Blocking for grab bars at toilets, tubs, and showers
  • Bathroom grab bars
  •  Some people lower the electrical switches to make it easier for their young children to turn the lights on and off. Other people raise the electric outlets to help family and friends with arthritis to plug and unplug fixtures. Many people install lever door handles to make it easier for everyone to open the doors, even when carrying a bag of groceries; lever handles do not need to be grasped; in fact, they can be opened with an elbow. More and more people are adding grab bars in their bathrooms, since anyone can slip on a wet surface, and everyone appreciates the additional support when bending down, rising from a lowered position, or stretching to reach something.  

Univeral Design

Univeral Design




If you need new school space or if it needs to be expanded, we can assist you. In a mobile school created from portable and accommodation units, everything is exactly the same as in a permanent structure.  

Sanitary cabin

Sanitary cabin

Sanitary solutions with disabled access, fresh water and complete facilities for your project. 

Office space

Modular Office

Office space that is individual and customised to your needs within a very short time. 

Wheelchair accessable


Your Home is your castle and needs to work around your lifestyle.  This is a basic tenant of any custom home builder including a Modular Builder.  This includes any mobility issues, handicaps, or even age in place plans. 

 A custom modular home can be easily designed to you and your accessibility requirements.  Whether you are in a wheelchair every room customized to you or just have plans on aging (warning it happens even if you don’t plan for it!). Many existing homes aren’t designed with this in mind, and simply don’t work for those with special requirements.  When building your own custom modular home you can ensure it has the features and accessibility you require to ensure your home is your castle.