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Infinite Flow - A Wheelchair Dance Company Video Montage

Infinite Flow - An Inclusive Dance Company - A Wheelchair Dance Company based in Los Angeles, CA, is America's first professional wheelchair ballroom dance company, and has a mission to break artistic and social barriers through excellence and innovation in wheelchair dance performance.   

Liverpool to host the Special Olympics Great Britain in 2021

Liverpool to host the Special Olympics Great Britain in 2021 From The Guide Liverpool.


Special Olympics Great Britain has confirmed its 2021 National Summer Games – the 11th in history of the organisation – will be held in Liverpool from Tuesday 3 August until Saturday 7 August 2021.

Disability-themed emojis approved for use


The introduction of dozens of new accessibility-themed emojis has been welcomed by disability rights


The new characters include hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, white "probing" canes and guide dogs.

They follow a complaint by Apple that few existing emojis spoke to the experiences of those with disabilities.

Their inclusion in 2019's official list means many smartphones should gain them in the second half of the year.

"Social media is hugely influential and it's great to see these new disability-inclusive emojis," said Phil Talbot, from the disability charity Scope.

"Up to now, disability has been greatly underrepresented.

"We'd also like to see greater representation of disabled people and disability across all parts of the media and social media."

Approved art


A total of 230 new emojis feature in what is the sixth major update to the official list.

It is maintained by a California-based group made up of representatives of computing companies, software developers and others, who ensure that users of different devices and apps can send emojis to each other.

The various platform owners - including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter - can tweak Unicode's designs to their own liking but are supposed to ensure that each character remains recognisable from one product to anothe

The latest approved art includes men and women of different ethnicities using disability aids as well spotlighting individual products.

In addition, men and women are pictured moving a finger between their ear and their mouth, which is used as a deaf sign in American Sign Language.

The emojis build on the 13 drawings submitted by Apple in March 2018 after it had consulted the American Council of the Blind and the National Association of the Deaf, among other organisations.

It had noted that one in seven people around the world had some form of disability.

Mark Hamill Congratulates Young Fan on Star Wars Arm

“Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill gave his stamp of approval to a young fan’s STAR WARS inspired prosthetic arm.

RNIB 150th anniversary

"As RNIB celebrates its 150 year anniversary, we look to the bright young minds of tomorrow to find out how they imagine their future. Blind and partially sighted children should be able to be whoever they want to be. Working together, let’s create a world without barriers. RNIB – See Differently" 

Lee Ridley "Lost Voice Guy" Live at the Apollo

Comedian Lee Ridley AKA "Lost Voice Guy" was the winner of 2018 "Britain's Got Talent"  At the age of six months he was diagnosed with a neurological form of cerebral palsy, brought about by a brain infection that left him in a coma for two months which affected his movement and rendered him unable to speak.

Starbucks Opens "Signing Store"

What’s new at one Starbucks store in Washington D.C. is not what’s on the menu, but how customers order it. Known as the “signing store,” it’s the chain’s first in the United States to cater to deaf and hearing impaired. 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

 “Having taken the prize for Best Animation at this year’s IVCA awards, this item has recently entered the BFI National Archive for permanent preservation. There, it joins a rich heritage of ‘corporate cartooning’.” Patrick Russell, BFI 

"Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion"

"Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion" Ben Affleck & Jamie Foxx Star In this disability feature-length documentary. "CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion" It reveals a compelling and often amusing look at the history of disability portrayals in entertainment. COMING OCTOBER 05th, 2018 to iTunes, Google and Amazon.com !!! Directed by: Jenni Gold Starring: Ben Affleck Geena Davis Jamie Foxx Helen Hunt William H.Macy Jane Seymour & Gary Sinise Ben Affleck & Jamie Foxx Star In this disability feature